Sumiyoshi ( (すみ) (よし) Sumiyoshi?) is an ancestor of Tanjiro Kamado.


Sumiyoshi looked remarkably like an unscarred, older version of Tanjiro Kamado, possessing the same facial structure, eyes and hair type, although his was longer, about shoulder-length and worn tied in a ponytail behind his head.

Their similarities continue into his attire, as Sumiyoshi wore a short, black-checkered yukata of an almost identical design to Tanjiro's usual haori, as well as a pair of similar hakama pants, although these were paler than the ones Tanjiro wears with his uniform.


During the brief memory fragment Tanjiro inherited from his ancestor, Sumiyoshi demonstrates that he had a very similar personality to Tanjiro himself, showing traits like virtue, generosity, honesty, and humbleness.[2]


At one point in his life, he was rescued by the first Breath-user, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, presumably from a Demon.[1]


Swordsmith Village Arc

As he sleeps, recovering from the injuries he acquired during his fight with Gyutaro and Daki, Tanjiro sees a fragment of a memory inherited from Sumiyoshi. In it, Sumiyoshi was shown interacting with the mysterious Breath of the Sun user, Yoriichi.

Abilities and Powers

Sumiyoshi has shown no indication of any special abilities. As far as the story is concerned, he is an ordinary human.


  • He bears a shocking resemblance to Tanjiro.
  • He is a coal burner, just like his descendants.[1]



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