Suyako (すやこ Suyako?) was an ancestor of Tanjiro Kamado and Sumiyoshi's wife.


Suyako was a petite girl with long hair of a dark color, which appeared to curve in or be tied together below her shoulders, with two ear-length strands handing down on either side of her face. She had wide, dark eyes and, appeared always to wear a large smile.[2]

Her attire consisted of a plain, pale-colored kimono and a piece of white cloth that she wore tied around the top of her head.


Not much is known about Suyako's personality at this time, but, as seen by Tanjiro Kamado during his flashbacks, she appeared to be a happy,[2] hardworking girl who was always doing the best she could for her children.[3]


Not much is known about Suyako, except that she married a man named Sumiyoshi and gave birth to a son and daughter.[3]


Swordsmith Village Arc

Suyako appears before Tanjiro during his fight with Hantengu, simply standing, a basket of vegetables in her hands, and smiling at him.[2]

Abilities and Powers

As with her husband, Suyako has shown no indication of any special abilities and appears only to be a normal human.


  • Suyako has a tendency to fall asleep all the time.



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