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Taisho Secrets ( (たい) (しょう) コソコソ (うわさ) (ばなし) Taishō Kosokoso Uwasabanashi?) are fun facts or comedic rumors related to their respective episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime. They appear at the end of almost every episode (with the exception of the first and last episode) after a short, cute/comedic scene with the episode's primary characters. After the secret, the next episode is named and previewed.


Episode Secret Description Appearing Character(s)
1 No secret; Opening theme song is introduced. N/A
2 Tanjiro almost reveals Sakonji Urokodaki's age, but he is cut off when the manga-drawn Sakonji asks him whether he would prefer nikujaga or oden for dinner, choosing the latter.
3 Tanjiro reveals that he heard Sakonji wears a mask because Demons would make fun of him as his face "looked too kind."
4 Tanjiro states that it is rumored Zenitsu Agatsuma came to the Final Selection because his master slapped him when he refused to attend.
5 No secret; Tanjiro's Kasugari crow interrupts him by ordering him to go to his next mission.
6 Tanjiro states that the Swamp Demon intensely grinded his teeth as a human as well.
7 Tanjiro states that the udon stand owner from this episode was born and raised in Asakusa. He continues to make udon in Asakusa because he loves it so much.
8 Tanjiro reveals that Yushiro's hobby is to write in his "Lady Tamayo journal" and writes 7-10 pages daily. Following this, he opens the journal and reads two entries, both hinting at Yushiro's obsession for Tamayo.
9 Tanjiro states that on the night Susamaru and Yahaba went to attack Tamayo's house, it was the first time the two had met and they befriended each other by chatting on their way there.
10 Tanjiro states that all the Kasugai Crows have names and that his crow is named Matsuemon Tennouji.
11 Tanjiro states that Zenitsu becomes self-conscious in front of girls.
12 No Secret; Tanjiro runs out of time to tell the secret as he is occupied with cheering on Nezuko.
13 Tanjiro states that Kyogai was a fan of "The Legend of the Eight Samurai," and he was working on his own biography.
14 No Secret; The Taisho Secret section is switched out for an alternate scene of the first episode of Kimetsu Academy Story: Special Edition. Giyu berates the 4 protagonists for violating the dress code.
15 Chuntaro states that his real name is Ukogi because ukogi rice is his favorite food, but Zenitsu only feeds him beans.
16 Tanjiro states that Inosuke can call someone by their correct name about once every seven times.
17 No Secret; The Taisho Secret section is switched out for the final episode of Kimetsu Academy Story: Special Edition. Zenitsu is left in charge of checking the student's dress code in the front of the school gate. However, he is really checking out female students until his teacher, Giyu, catches him.
18 Inosuke reveals that Tanjiro's favorite rice ball flavor is plum seaweed while Zenitsu prefers salmon.
19 Tanjiro states that after every festival, his father and mother would always toast rice crackers for him and his siblings.
20 Shinobu mentions that she formulates her poison inside her scabbard, and no one knows how it's done but herself and her swordsmith.
21 Giyu points out that Shinobu can’t stand cats, dogs, and pretty much any animal with fur, although she denies it.
22 According to Shinobu, the first one among them to speak gets to greet the Master, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, so they all had butterflies in their stomachs until their Master arrived. All of the Hashira
23 According to Kyojuro, their master, Kagaya, is the 97th leader of the Demon Slayer Corps.
24 Tanjiro states that Aoi Kanzaki has been training under Lady Shinobu and he heard she can concoct the simpler medicines.
25 Tanjiro states that medicated water they used during their reflex training, can heal wounds and exhaustion when bathing in it.
26 No Secret; Conclusion of Season 1 and Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Movie - Mugen Train teaser is revealed. N/A.
27 No Secret; Introduction of Season 2 (Mugen Train Arc section); Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke learn about the other Hashira's opinions of Kyojuro.
28 Tanjiro reveals that Kyojuro does not have any Tsuguko training under him due to his training's rough nature, causing everyone who tries to train under him to run away.
29 No Secret; Tanjuro congratulating his son Tanjiro for him snapping back to reality along with him keeping his mindset to help others and Nezuko.
30 Tanjiro reveals that Inosuke's crow, revealed as Dongurimaru, had almost got eaten by Inosuke despite the fact that they were close, which resulted in the crow staying invisible.
31 No Secret; Tanjiro is shown in a dream that features an enormous and incredibly swole Nezuko telling him that she will protect him. Horrified, Tanjiro wakes up and sees real Nezuko without her bamboo muzzle.
32 No Secret; Tanjiro and Inosuke are shown calling out to a battered and bruised Kyojuro facing away from the two. Then, the name of the next (and last episode in the arc) is revealed.

No Secret; After the episode ends, credits featuring the producers of the arc roll and the Mugen Train Arc section of Season 2 concludes.

34 Introduction of Entertainment District Arc section of Season 2; Tengen reveals that he was born as a shinobi who lived an unflashy life as a kid and turned more flashy later on in life after his built up resentment "exploded", prompting disbelief from the others before he stresses that he's telling the truth. Tengen asks the four to give their best effort and Tanjiro believes he can trust Tengen.
35 Tanjiro reveals that Zenitsu has exceptional shamisen-playing talent, and he has strived to get better at playing in spite of himself.
36 No Secret; the ending scene is instead a short of Kimetsu Academy Story: Christmas Edition. Zenitsu has invited Nezuko to a Christmas party and plans to get closer to her. However, his plans fail when Nezuko brings along Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Giyu as well, all in strange outfits.
37 Tengen reveals that he only chooses the most dedicated mice to train as Muscular Mice, while also stating that being narcissistic enough to fall in love with their own muscles and a flair for flash is also a requirement.
38 Tanjiro reveals that Uzui's family practices polygamy, as when a member of the family turns 15, the head of the family picks out three wives who they deem to be compatible. However, it is said that Suma volunteered herself.
39 No Secret; the ending scene is instead a skit of Inosuke and Zenitsu running along the rooftops catching up to Tengen while going to save Tanjiro. Zenitsu appears to be running while sleeping while Inosuke questions this. Tengen appears beside them while announcing there is no time left for a secret this time around.
40 Tanjiro praises Nezuko for never being unreasonable. He reveals that she didn't cry even when their grandmother and father died. Nezuko would tell the rest of her family to let their feelings out one day and then to stay strong in order to honor their family's deaths.
41 No Secret; in a flashback, Kyojuro Rengoku compliments Tengen's sword skills but says that he has too many wives. He apprises Tengen to look after Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.
42 No Secret; Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tanjiro use their respective Breathing Techniques, before Tanjiro stands alone, repeating "Don't give up!"
43 Nezuko asks if Tanjiro is alright, telling him to live. She reveals Tanjiro got his rock-hard head from their mother. She heard that their mother once scared away a boar by head-butting it.

No Secret; After the episode ends, credits featuring the producers of the arc roll and the Entertainment District Arc section of Season 2 concludes.