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Takaharu (たかはる?) is the grandson of the villager who taught Inosuke how to speak.


Takaharu is a young man in his late teens or early to late twenties, he has a shaved head ⁠— similar to the haircut Shigeru has ⁠— and wears a white rope as a headband in the style of hachimaki. He also has distinctly large earlobes as well as long eyelashes.

In the chapter, he wears baggy light colored trousers beneath a dark jinbei-styled kimono, and can be seen carrying a medium sized razor hoe.


Takaharu has an extremely rambunctious personality and foul mouth due to the manner in which he was raised.[1] When he encounters Inosuke as a child, he scares him off in a vulgar manner, and calls his grandfather a dumb old man for feeding him, mistaking Inosuke for a weird animal.

During their multiple encounters he constantly scolds his grandfather for continuing to care for Inosuke, but does so in order to protect his aging grandfather.

After he realizes that Inosuke can talk, he becomes fearful of him and calls him a monster and ultimately allows him to do as he pleases in his home.


Not much can be said about Takaharu's history except that he lives with his grandfather and works during the day. [2]


Takaharu is first introduced when he arrives home from work one day to discover his aging grandfather feeding a strange animal outside, unknown to him that this animal was actually a child ⁠— Inosuke Hashibira ⁠— wearing a boars head. He scares Inosuke off and warns his grandfather not to feed him anymore in fear of its parent returning.

Later on when Takaharu returns home on a different day, he discovers his grandfather reading a poem to Inosuke on his lap. Takaharu becomes enraged, scaring off Inosuke and scolds his grandfather again. When his grandfather discovers Inosuke's name on his sash, Takaharu becomes enraged and tells him there's no way a boar can have a name.

He tries to scare Inosuke off again but is kicked in the face and yelled at by the child. Inosuke tells him to shut up and let him do as he pleases, which reluctantly scares Takaharu into allowing Inosuke to do as he pleases.

Abilities and Powers

  • As an ordinary human, Takaharu does not posses any powers or abilities.


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