Tamayo ( (たま) () Tamayo?) is a doctor and close ally of Kamado Tanjiro. She was turned into a Demon by Kibutsuji Muzan.


Tamayo is a beautiful woman wearing a dark Japanese kimono with red flowers, a creamy-colored obi, white socks and pinkish lavender zori sandals. Her black hair is braided into a bun with a hair pin holding it together. Her eyes are of a bluish lavender color.


Like Nezuko Kamado, Tamayo still retained her human emotions despite of being a demon but unfortunately killed her family before she realized.


Not much is known about Tamayo's lifestyle when she was a human except that she was married with children. Shortly before she became a demon, Tamayo became ill with a life threatening disease and was seeking a form of treatment. Unbeknownst to his true intentions, Tamayo stumbled upon Muzan's offer to treat her and became a demon. However, after the transformation she lost her self control and proceeded to kill and eat her family. After realizing what she had done, she fell into a void and proceeded to ruthlessly devour multiple humans.[1]

After an unspecified amount of time, Tamayo had regained a bit of her sanity and proceeded to study treatments for demonic cures. She stumbled upon a sick young boy after 200 years of study and was successfully able to turn him into a demon. This boy became known as Yushiro and has remained her assistant since the experiment.


Asakusa Arc

As a trio of policemen attempted to pull Kamado Tanjiro off of a recently created Demon, Tamayo used Blood Bewitchment: Aroma of Visual Fantasy to confuse their senses. She and Yushiro approached the surprised Demon Hunter, with the Demon doctor pledging her support to him due to his insistence of referring to Demons as people. She acknowledged her own status as a Demon, stating that she wished to eliminate Kibutsuji Muzan.[2]

Later, at her hideout, Tamayo welcomed Yushiro and Tanjiro back to the space, explaining the status of the earlier Demon and his wife to Tanjiro and reprimanding Yushiro for resorting to violence at Tanjiro's question. She then introduced herself and her colleague, answering Tanjiro's earlier question by explaining her unique ability to manipulate her body at whim, as well as her and Yushiro's shared needing of only a little human blood to survive. She further explained that she is the one who transformed Yushiro into a Demon, and reprimands the latter once more for getting violent with Tanjiro.[3]

Tamayo informed Tanjiro that she wouldn't increase the number of Demons, but would offer it as a choice to those who were dying. Tanjiro then asked her if there was a way to turn Demons back into humans, to which she answered there was one. After reprimanding Yushiro once again for his overly violent behavior, she explained that currently she could not perform this procedure, as first she needed to research and develop it, and thus would need two things from him: blood from Demons with Kibutsuji Muzan's own blood running through them, and a chance to study his sister's blood. Explaining to him the danger of her first request, Tamayo asked the young Demon Hunter if he would still accept her request, smiling and agreeing with his statement that other people would be saved alongside Nezuko if they were successful. She was then shielded by Yushiro as a handball suddenly tore through the room.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Medical Skills - Tamayo has displayed impressive skills in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals,her being skilled enough to alter her own body to be able to survive on only a small amount of human blood and altering the dying Yushiro into a demon without Muzan's blood and later was able to do the same to another demon,she further showcased her advanced skills in pharmaceuticals by assisting Shinobu Kocho,in altering her body and saturating it with deadly Westeria Poison without killing or physically hindering Shinobu and was able to successfully create a drug that transforms a demon back into a human

Demon Abilities

Though she stays away from fighting, she is an extremely strong demon. Most of her Blood Demon Arts are focused around illusions and tampering with the mind. However her more offensive techniques are strong enough to momentarily stop Kibutsuji Muzan, the strongest demon.

Blood Demon Arts

Blood Bewitchment ( (わく) () Wakuchi?) - A blood technique that requires her to draw her own blood that then creates numerous effects/reactions from her intended targets using the bloods scent.

  1. Aroma of Visual Fantasy ( () (かく) () (げん) (こう) Shikaku mugen no kō?)[5] - A hallucination that hinders the vision of the affected by creating beautiful flower patterns around them.
  2. Mystical Fragrance of the White Day ( (はく) (じつ) () (こう) Hakujitsu no makō?)[6] - Acts as a truth serum, causing brain function to decrease and will make the recipient confess their lies and not keep their secrets. It can be harmful to humans.
  3. Flesh Seed - Using her own flesh and blood,Tamayo creates multiple minuscule flesh seeds that surrounds her intended target,The seeds then burst and grow into gigantic flesh trees with numerous pointed/spiked branches that then pierces and restrains her target,the strength of this Technique was powerful enough to stop Muzan Kibutsuji,even if only momentarily.


  • Tamayo was ranked in 18th place as of the first character popularity poll with 138 votes.



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