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Tanjiro Kamado and Tengen Uzui vs Gyutaro was a battle that took place in Yoshiwara, Tokyo. It focuses on the battle between Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado and the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui against Upper Rank Six Gyutaro.


Daki's head was successfully lopped off by Tengen. Tanjiro was both relieved and surprised by the fact that Tengen cut her head almost effortlessly. Tengen then rebukes Tanjiro that the fight is not over yet, and reminds him that he needs to calm down Nezuko, who is going berserk. He then suggests that Tanjiro sing her something like a lullaby to calm her down and revert her to her normal state. Nezuko then forcefully jumps back through a window, destroying it and pulling Tanjiro with her leaving them both on the ground. Tanjiro realizes no matter how hard he tries to reach out to Nezuko, she won't listen. He then begs his deceased mother on what he should do. Tanjiro then remembers Tengen's suggestion to sing her a pacifying lullaby. He recalls a memory in which their mother sings Nezuko a lullaby-like melody, and Tanjiro proceeds to sing the said melody to Nezuko in an effort to soothe her.

This causes Nezuko's faint consciousness to recollect the memories of her mother singing the lullaby for her when she was young. When Tanjiro chants the lullaby, these memories cause Nezuko to weep. She then slowly shuts her eyes and falls asleep. As the youthful Demon Slayer realizes that his younger sister is fast asleep, a feeling of comfort blooms in his heart and he cries out the news of Nezuko's tranquilization to his mother. The scene returns to Tengen, where he is leaving Daki. Daki orders the Sound Hashira to stand still, asking him how dare he behead her as well as telling him he'd pay for it. The annoyed Tengen advises her to stop grumbling around, reminding her of the fact that he no longer has any bussiness with her and that she'll soon die an unflamboyant death. This irritates Daki even further, who then tells him to stop joking around and reminds him of the moment when he said she wasn't a factual member of the Kizuki. Tengen casually utters that she's really not, which triggers her to start grumbling around even more and telling him that she is one. Tengen still does not believe that she is one of them and asks her how did he behead her with as much ease as with a standard demon. Daki tells him that this does not reserve her loss and, once again, she says that she is indeed a member of the Kizuki - which makes Tengen remark that she, either way, still lost the battle. She then makes an effort to fend his argument by once again reciting that she lies in one of the degrees of the Kizuki, specifically the sixth. She then says that this is a mere stepping stone for her and that she'll get even stronger from there. However, her words still do not convince Tengen as he takes them as no more than a bluff.

Another being emerging from Daki's beheaded body.

Daki starts bawling and repeatedly says that she really is Upper Rank 6, and that she even has the number engraved to prove it. The fact that she is now throwing a tantrum startles Tengen, and makes him wonder how long is she going to weep. On top of that, he realizes that Daki's body isn't crumbling like a normal demon's. Daki cries while yelling that her head got cut off, seemingly directed towards her older brother.

A moment later, an abnormal figure emerges from Daki's body. Tengen charges towards it, attempting to use his blades to cut it down. Tengen then notices that Daki and the figure have moved behind him. The Sound Hashira wonders what in the world came out of Daki's back and takes note of its amazing reaction speed. Tengen realizes that Daki's head is back on her body, and quickly makes an effort to strike the figure again. All of a sudden, the figure retaliates - appearing behind the Hashira at unspottable speeds. Luckily, Tengen defended himself from its attack and as a result is left with a not so terrible injury. The figure then comments that Tengen's ability is not bad at all, noting that he intended to kill Tengen right there with that one blow.

As Tengen looks back, the battle between the Sound Hashira and the auxiliary Upper Rank commences.


The male Upper Rank first admires Tengen's face, having nice skin and no spots, birthmarks nor prior wounds. He comments that Tengen has to be popular with woman as he boils with envious emotions. With him commenting on that, he wishes the Sound Hashira to drop dead so he can claw out his entrails. Daki interrupts their conversation by requesting her brother to kill the girl who burned her with her explaining that she put a lot of effort in attempting to kill the Demon Slayers but they kept "bullying" her. After hearing this, the other Upper Rank becomes annoyed at the Demon Slayers and wants to "collect what's due", with him saying that his name is Gyutaro. As soon as he speaks his name, Gyutaro launches his two sickles at Tengen and the two civlians he's covering. Outside the building they're in, Tanjiro sees destruction along with the two sickles that Gyutaro threw boomeranging back towards him. Soon after, Tanjiro sees Zenitsu and Inosuke in sight.

Gyutaro uses his Blood Demon Art: Flying Blood Sickles on Tengen Uzui.

Gyutaro witnesses the Sound Hashira defend a couple which makes him ever more envious due to them venerating Tengen by saving their lives. Tengen then even points out that he has three different wives that adore him. This severely angers Gyutaro into him scratching himself and unleashing his Blood Demon Art: Flying Blood Sickles at the Sound Hashira. The latter dodges the attack by destroying the floor he and the two civilians they're standing on with his Sound Breathing, First Form: Roar which saves them from the initial attack. He tells the couple to run away from the fight to which they follow. Gyutaro applauds the Hashira's effort but says that he can't get away with him "commanding" his sickles to turn. His Blood Demon Art unnaturally turn downwards towards Tengen with him swinging his blades to cancel them out. He realizes that the Upper Rank can control the sickles themselves and they don't stop until they hit their target. He also assesses to himself that since Daki didn't die when she get beheaded, and since they are both siblings with him being the bigger brother he wonders if he beheads Gyutaro they would both die. Regardless, he motivates himself to try his hardest either way. With himself knowing that no citizens are present within the building, he brings out tiny black beads between his fingers and tosses them into the air. He slices them in half which results in them all causing a huge explosion which even pushes Inosuke and Zenitsu back despite them being outside the building.

The huge explosion however does little to no damage Gyutaro notices and tells Tengen that he is different than any other Hashira he has faced before, believing that he was blessed with being born with talent. Tengen scoffs at him for him believing that he has some sort of talent. He then exclaims to the two Upper Ranks that since so many people he cared about was taken from his hands he has no talent, even saying that he can never be as glorious as Kyojuro Rengoku.

Gyutaro then asks the Sound Hashira how he is still alive since his blood sickles inflict lethal poison, and no matter the amount of stalling is happening no adverse symptoms have occurred. Tengen further explains that he is a shinobi/ninja, thus he has developed a resistance to poison to some extent. Daki shouts that all shinobi have died out in the Edo Era believing that he is lying. He debunks that shinobi still exist today as he had nine siblings along with his "clan" run by his father. Tengen then remembers Kagaya Ubuyashiki's praises towards him and his choices. Gyutaro then sees and thinks that the poison is taking effect with Tengen "bluffing" about it. Tengen however stubbornly says that he is in peak condition and wants to dance with the Upper Ranks.

Tengen fighting Daki and Gyutaro.

The Sound Hashira engages the two Demons swinging his Nichirin Swords, hitting Daki with an upwards side-kick and blocks Gyutaro's blood sickles. He then throws more black beads towards both Upper Ranks with them exploding the moment they make contact with their weapons. With Daki in the epicenter of the explosion, Tengen faces towards Gyutaro attacking him. Gyutaro assesses that the explosions have enough force to harm demons and go off from the slightest of touches. He then sees that Tengen extends the range of his attacks by gripping the very end of his other blade. But he reflects its momentum with one of his blood sickles and tilts his head to the side to evade the blow only getting a slight graze to his neck. Daki is then shown with her head clean off her body as she reattaches it.

Gyutaro then tells the Sound Hashira that he has noticed that the poison is now taking effect and has already slowed his movements. With this in mind, this encourages the Upper Ranks more as they are getting closer and closer to victory.

Inosuke, Zenitsu, as well as Tanjiro arrive to aid in the battle. Though the poison that was inflicted on Uzui has started taking visible effects, he proudly states the the Demon Slayers would win. He exclaims that the three beside him are his prized Tsuguko, and that he already knew the Upper Ranks' weakness, which is to behead them both at the same time. Gyutaro dismisses this fact, stating that all others who knew of this weakness was still unable to bring them down.

The battle continues with Zenitsu and Inosuke facing Daki while Tanjiro and Uzui faced Gyutaro. The male Upper Rank mocks Uzui for calling the three slayers as his Tsuguko, noting that their teamwork is still lacking. As Uzui continued his skirmish with Gyutaro, Tanjiro protected him from stray blood slices and sashes coming from the roof where Daki, Inosuke, and Zenitsu are fighting. Zenitsu and Inosuke now face the same as those below. A wave a sashes and blood prevent the two from getting close to Daki.

Managing to bring the battle outdoors, Tanjiro and Uzui was now aided by Hinatsuru, who uses a large crossbow filled with Wisteria-Laced Kunai to shoot at Gyutaro. The demon's senses become numb and Tanjiro goes for the head. However, Gyutaro managed to recover and use his Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood Sickles, forcing the Sound Hashira to defend with his Fourth Form: Constant Resounding Slashes. Gyutaro uses the dust and debris to surprise Hinatsuru, gripping her jaw with killing intent. Tanjiro tries to help Hinatsuru with his Hinokami Kagura, but is unable to do so due to fatigue. As he laments the fact that his weakness might make him fail to save another life, he reaches an epiphany. Tanjiro mixes his Water Breathing with his Hinokami Kagura, allowing him to close the distance and slice off Gyutaro's arm, saving Hinatsuru in the process. Gyutaro regenerates swiftly and goes for Tanjiro, but is forced to defend as Uzui goes for the demon's neck.

Tanjiro uses this opportunity to swing his katana at Gyutaro, but was also blocked like Uzui. With both of Gyutaro's arms now unusable, Uzui uses his second blade to deal the finishing blow. Gyutaro then twists his head, catching the sword with his teeth. Tanjiro notices the demon's flesh sickles growing and holding the slayers' blades as Gyutaro prepares to unleash his Blood Demon Art. Uzui decides to save Tanjiro and Hinatsuru, throwing himself and Gyutaro off the roof and away from the two. Gyutaro unleashes his blood slashes once again, preventing Tanjiro from helping Uzui.

The trio combining their Breathing Styles

Inosuke and Zenitsu met up with Tanjiro. Forced to change their strategy, Tanjiro decides to help in decapitating Daki first before Gyutaro. After seeing Hinatsuru get to safety, the three slayers begin their attack on Daki. Using Tanjiro's Water Breathing, Third Form: Flowing Dance and Zenitsu's Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Eightfold, they gave a path for Inosuke to use his Beast Breathing, Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush while minimizing injury. Inosuke closes the distance on Daki and brings both of his swords to her neck. Using his Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite, he managed to slice off her head.

He caught the demon's head and started running to separate the two Upper Ranks. As the masked slayer made his way through the rooftops of the Entertainment District, he was struck in the heart by Gyutaro's sickle much to Tanjiro's horror. The latter started to look around and saw Uzui's body collapsed on the ground, missing his left arm. Still unable to fully comprehend the situation, Tanjiro was cut from his thoughts by Zenitsu's screams. Tanjiro looked to Zenitsu running towards him, pushing him off the building to save him from the Upper Ranks' sash attack. As he fell off the building, he apologized to Inosuke for not having noticed Gyutaro sooner, as well as blaming himself for leaving Uzui to fight Gyutaro by himself. Tanjiro's fall then put him to a brief unconsciousness.

Tanjiro sees Nezuko, who criticizes his apologetic nature. She states that it's normal to fail, since as human beings, not everything will go your way. He wakes up to see the Entertainment District in flames. Gyutaro stood in front of him, laughing at Tanjiro's and his friends' weakness and calling them pathetic. The demon breaks Tanjiro's index and middle finger as he continues his barrage of insults. Gyutaro then offered to turn Tanjiro into a demon. Tanjiro looked to the sky in silence, surprising Gyutaro when he brings it back down as a powerful headbutt. Gyutaro then noticed something off as he struggled to get back up on his feet. Seeing the kunai lodged on his leg, Gyutaro surmised that Tanjiro used courtesan's sachets to hide the scent if the kunai which he received from Hinatsuru. Seeing the demon on the ground, Tanjiro brings his sword down to Gyutaro's neck. Daki, who saw the whole interaction, began to uses her sashes in order to help her brother. She was interrupted when Zenitsu used his God Speed to get out of the rubble and parry her sashes.

Tengen and Gyutaro clashing at high speeds.

Tanjiro continued to push his sword down Gyutaro's neck, but was ultimately repelled by his blood slices. The demon recovered and began to assault Tanjiro in a rage. Flesh sickle only seconds away from his face, Tanjiro was saved by Uzui, who finally completed Gyutaro's Musical Score. Gyutaro was shocked to see Uzui still alive, as he believed that his heart had stopped beating. He then realized that the Hashira must've forced his heart to stop beating, which also allowed him to temporarily stop the poison circulating in his veins. The battle then continued. Uzui was able to match Gyutaro evenly thanks to his musical score's completion, but the poison in his body is preventing him from truly landing a decapitating blow. Gyutaro manages to slice Uzui's left eye as the Hashira stabbed the demon's abdomen to give Tanjiro an opening.

Once again, Tanjiro brings down his blade on the Upper Rank. Gyutaro retaliated by stabbing Tanjiro in the jaw, inwardly mocking him as he believed that he was still a loser. Believing that his current condition was not enough to slice Gyutaro's neck, Tanjiro focuses all of the strength in his body to his sword, unknowingly activating his Demon Slayer Mark. Though the opposite at first, Gyutaro was then left panicking as he saw his sister sharing the same fate as him. Gyutaro's neck was slashed, and he tumbled around the debris to ultimately meet his sister face to face.

Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma seemingly saw the battle end, with the latter two beginning to celebrate and argue. However, Hinatsuru realized that something was amiss, and saw Tanjiro having difficulty breathing as poison started circulating in his body. He saw Uzui yelling to him about something, but was unable to understand in his dazed state. As Uzui's screams filled the battlefield, Gyutaro's body erupted with bloody slices that reached to the ends of the Entertainment District.

The trio screaming as they finish Daki and Gyutaro off.


The aftermath of the battle

Despite Gyutaro's last ditch effort to take the slayers down with him, they were able to survive and was even cured of their poisoning by Nezuko's Blood Demon Art. The Entertainment District was in shambles, though Suma and Makio's evacuation efforts helped to mitigate the loss of life.

The Serpent Hashira Obanai Iguro appears before Uzui. Though he congratulates him for beating an upper moon, He still condemns the Sound Hashira for losing his left limb and eye to the weakest of the upper ranked demons. He begins to address the increasing rates of death in the Demon Slayer Corps, using it as a reason to try to convince Uzui to put his plan to retire on hold. He was ultimately left in shock as he found out that the boy he hates also survived the battle.