Tanjuro Kamado (竈門 (かまど) (たん) (じゅう) (ろう) Kamado Tanjūrō?) was the husband of Kie Kamado and the father of Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Takeo Kamado, Hanako Kamado, Shigeru Kamado, and Rokuta Kamado.


Tanjuro suffers from an illness which makes his skin appear dull and pale. He is noted to be similar in appearance to his son Tanjiro, bearing the same dark red eyes, black hair with red tips hair, and forehead scar.

Tanjuro also wears a similar outfit as his son, except with an orange and black patterned haori instead of dark turquoise and black. The earrings he wore when he was alive were passed down from his ancestor and then later to Tanjiro.


Tanjuro is a quiet, calculating, forgivable and respectable person. He has a peaceful relationship with his family and consistently gives Tanjiro lectures about life.

While he appears calm on the outside, he shows a decent, noble aura with a quiet perception to his surroundings. According to his son, he does not like standing out or displaying his true abilities to others. However, if his family is in danger, he will not hesitate to protect them and shows no mercy towards the enemy.


At some point in his life, Tanjuro married Kie and had their six children.

Tanjuro seemed to have a connection with the demon-killing world but in his final years was a wise but sick and frail man.

He died some time before the slaughter of his wife and youngest children but still manages to inspire his two remaining children.


Natagumo Mountain Arc

Tanjiro has to fight against Lower Rank 5, Rui, and is nearly killed by his Blood Demon Art when a flashback of his father telling him to breathe and become Hinokami resurfaces in his memories. Tanjiro remembers himself and Nezuko as children watching their father perform the Hinokami Kagura throughout the night. Tanjiro asks his mother how Tanjuro's able to perform the Hinokami Kagura throught the freezing night, only for him to be told there is a way to breathe so that he can dance no matter the temperature. Tanjuro then tells Tanjiro to make sure the hanafuda earrings and the kagura get passed down interrupted no matter what. Tanjiro then switches from his 10th form of Water Breathing, to use the Hinokami Kagura 1st Form.[1]

Mugen Train Arc

Abilities and Powers

Natural Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Tanjuro has been seen having inhuman strength, when he easily beheaded a bear far larger than him with a simple rusty axe that is not meant to cut flesh along with his own sickness and frail build weakening him.
  • Immense Endurance and Durability: Tanjuro has immense durability and stamina for a human. This is shown when he practices the Hinokami Kagura Ritual Dance from dusk to dawn without any rest, despite his illness and frail body.
  • Transparent World ( () (とお) () (かい) Sukitōru Sekai?): It is revealed that Tanjuro has the ability to foresee his opponent's attacks by seeing their blood flow, muscles and joint movement. In this state, he is also able to mask the presence of his battle spirit, hate, anger and bloodlust.
  • Demon Slayer Mark: As a descendant of the Kamado family and being able to access the "Transparent World", Tanjuro's birthmark on his forehead is secretly a Demon Slayer Mark. This is proven by Shinjuro's explanation that all Sun Breathing users naturally have a mark on their forehead.


Hinokami Kagura (ヒノカミ神楽 (かぐら) Hinokami Kagura?): Tanjuro is capable of using the Sun Breathing as the Hinokami Kagura taught from his own father, passing down the dance and Yoriichi's earrings to his son.


  • Tanjuro’s first name contains the kanji for "charcoal" (炭), "ten" (十), and "son" (郎), with the kanji of ten and son (十郎) combine it makes a male suffix Jūrō.



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