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Tecchin Tecchikawahara ( (てっ) () (かわ) (はら) (てっ) (ちん) Tecchikawahara Tecchin?) is the chief of the Swordsmith Village.[1]


Tecchin is an elderly man who is partially bald on crown of his head, but has white, shoulder length hair. Despite his face being obscured by a hyottoko mask, he has noticeable wrinkles which can be seen from above his mask and along his neck.

Tecchin wears a diamond patterned kimono with a white juban underneath, and a black haori on top. His haori has the kanji "長" on the back which can be translated to chief.

Although his height has not been specified, he is short compared to the other inhabitants, he even admitted to being smallest person within the Swordsmith Village.[2]


Tecchin has the tendency to be very straight forward in regards to his thoughts, he openly admits to being the most self esteemed person in the village, proving so when he brazenly told Tanjiro to bow before him till his head touched the floor.[2]

However despite his intimidating demeanor, he still acts in a civilized manner as seen when he called Tanjiro a "nice young man" and even offered him snacks.


During some point in Hotaru's childhood, Tecchin took him in and raised him after his explosive behaviors made him difficult for his parents to raise him.[3]


Swordsmith Village Arc


Being a the chief of the Swordsmith Village, Tecchin has shown to have no indication of any superior abilities or advanced powers. However as the chief, he is in charge of assigning a swordsmith to each member of the Demon Slaying Corps

  • Master Swordsmith: Tecchin is a skilled swordsmith, able to forge intricate Nichirin Sword's with specialized features, and varying bendability. He is also entrusted to forge the blades for some of the strongest swordsmen such as the Hashira.


  • Tecchin name uses a geminate consonant っち, and usually with roman alphabet that is shown with doubled consonant cch. However in some cases the っち can be written with the cluster tch, resulting in Tetchin Tetchikawahara as name. Both Tecchin and Tetchin names are correct.
  • He was the one who designed and created Shinobu Kocho's Nichirin Sword.[4]



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