Reincarnation Description
Tengen's reincarnation (colored)
Tenma Uzui ( () (ずい) (てん) () Uzui Tenma?)
Either the reincarnation of Tengen Uzui or his descendant. A good-looking, 20-year-old professional gymnast who won the gold medal in gymnastics during the recent Olympics. He is also noted to be somewhat of a punk, often flashing his middle finger and choking reporters.[1]
Muichiro and Yuichiro's reincarnations (colored)
Newborn Twins
The reincarnations of Muichiro Tokito and Yuichiro Tokito; their gender is unknown but they are seen sleeping when going on a stroll with their mother.[2]
Shinobu and Kanae's reincarnation (colored)
Academy Girls
The reincarnations of Shinobu Kocho and Kanae Kocho; they are female students from the nearby Sekirei Women's Academey.[3]
Kotetsu and Kanamori's reincarnations (colored)
Male Students
Either the reincarnations of Kotetsu and Kozo Kanamori or their descendants; they are seen walking in front of Kanata when he meets up with Toko.[3]
Gyomei's Reincarnation
Kindergarten Teacher
The reincarnation of Gyomei Himejima. He is immediately noticed due to his stocky build.[4]
Mitsuri and Obanai's reincarnations (colored)
Restaurant Owners
The reincarnations of Obanai Iguro and Mitsuri Kanroji. They are a married couple that operate a diner known for their snake decorations and large servings.[4]
Jigoro and Sakonji's reincarnation (colored)
Elderly Men
The reincarnations of Sakonji Urokodaki and Jigoro Kuwajima. They are elderly men seen playing shogi when Sumihiko interrupts their game.[5]
Sumi, Kiyo, and Naho's reincarnation (colored)
Elementary School Girls
Either the reincarnations or descendants of Sumi Nakahara, Naho Takada and Kiyo Terauchi. The three girls are nearly run over by Sumihiko on his way to school, and they call him the "running guy."[6]
Genya and Sanemi's reincarnations (colored)
Police Officers
Either the reincarnations of Sanemi Shinazugawa and Genya Shinazugawa or the descendants of Sanemi; they are police officers who nearly run over Sumihiko as he rushes to school. They soon give chase and go after him.[7]
Sabito, Makomo, and Giyu's reincarnations (colored)
Elementary Students
The reincarnation or possible descendant of Giyu Tomioka, and the reincarnations of Sabito and Makomo. The children can be seen discussing toy charms similar to the fox masks which were worn in their past lives. Giyu's reincarnation is named Giichi ( () (いち) Giichi?).[8]
Goto's reincarnation (colored)
High School Student
The reincarnation of Goto. He is a male student that attends the same school as Yoshiteru and can be seen admiring a painting of Tamayo.[9]
Kyojuro's reincarnation (colored)
Tojuro ( (とう) 寿 (じゅ) (ろう) Tōjurō?)
Either the reincarnation of Kyojuro Rengoku or the descendant of Senjuro Rengoku. He attends the same high school as the Kamado and Agatsuma descendants. After catching up to his friend Sumihiko Kamado on his way to school, they run the rest of the way together, jumping the school gate and making it just on time.[10] It is noted that he has a passion for kendo, often forgetting about everything else when he's training and participating in the kendo club at school.
Murata's reincarnation (colored)
Either the reincarnation or descendant of Murata. He is the principal of Toko, Yoshiteru, Sumihiko and Kanata's school and is seen trying to close the gate as Sumihiko and Tojuro rush to class.[11]


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