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Rui's Parents
Rui's Parents
The biological parents of Rui; They were killed by him after he misinterpreted their intentions of killing him for becoming a Demon, when in reality they were trying to commit murder-suicide to atone for their son's sins.
Takaharu's Grandpa
Takaharu's Grandfather
An elderly man that lived on a mountain with his grandson. The elderly man discovered Inosuke Hashibira as a child and taught him how to read and write.
Genya and Sanemi's Father
Genya and Sanemi's Father
The biological father of Genya and Sanemi. He was a violent man who abused his wife and children until he was killed by a rival.
Muichiro's Father
Muichiro and Yuichiro's Father
The biological father of Muichiro and Yuichiro. He was a kind man who made a living as a woodcutter until he accidentally fell off a cliff to his death.[1]
Shinobu and Kanae's Mother
Shinobu and Kanae's Mother
The biological mother of Shinobu and Kanae; she was killed along with her husband when a Demon entered their home, leaving her daughters as orphans.[2]
Shinobu and Kanae's Father
Shinobu and Kanae's Father
The biological father of Shinobu and Kanae; he was killed along with his wife when a Demon entered their home, leaving his daughters as orphans.[2]
Akaza's Father colored profile
Hakuji's Father
The caretaker and biological parent of Hakuji. He was a kind-hearted man who suffered from a disease and raised Hakuji as a single parent. After hearing of his sons crimes, he committed suicide out of guilt.


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