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Tenma Uzui ( () (ずい) (てん) () Uzui Tenma?) is the descendant of Tengen Uzui. He is a professional gymnast who won the gold medal in gymnastics for Japan during the recent Olympics.[1] He has seven siblings.[2]


Tenma is a very good-looking person. He bears a striking resemblance to his flamboyant predecessor: having the same white hair, the same eye shape, the same eye color, and even the same receding eyebrows! Also, his skin shade is slightly tanned due to his participation in the Olympics.


Tenma seems to be a playful attention-seeking person. In the news picture about his gold medal win, he is seen doing an akanbe (an eyelid pull) accompanied by sticking his tongue out, while holding his medal towards the camera.

He is also noted to be rude, often flashing his middle finger and choking reporters.[1]


As the Agatsuma siblings make their way to school, Toko Agatsuma looks at a news article on her phone, which shows that Tenma had just won a gold medal in gymnastics for Japan. Toko is totally smitten by Tenma, but her brother Yoshiteru Agatsuma says that Tenma was rude and gives examples of his behaviour. Toko defends Tenma and he wondered aloud if one can get away with anything just because he was good looking.[1]


  • Tenma's surname contains the On'yomi reading of the kanji for "eaves" ( () u?) and "marrow, pith" ( (ずい) zui?). Like his ancestor, Tengen, his given name also contains the On'yomi reading for "heaven" ( (てん) ten?) and "full, enough" ( () ma?).


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