• Hey there I was Wondering if you could let me help out with the kimetsu no yaiba wika. I review the chapters on my youtube channel im a huge fan of the series i know it'll be big once it gets an anime so i wanna build this wikia before that happens (: . I'd be great to help build the series and build the wikia!! 

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    • Nice to see somebody as enthusiastic as you about the series. My advice, if you want to help, is try to edit on here as best you can, add information, try things out, I'll message you if I think there are any issues with your work. Also it wouldn't hurt if you reached out to others to try to get things rolling around here. I can only do so much, as I am generally the only one working on this wiki. Thank you for your interest! 

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    • Alright that sounds fantastic becuase i've worked on wikias before i created one for a series called Golem hearts heres the link i was thinking of helping with the backgroud and logo on the wikia .

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    • Looks good. If you want to work on one for this wiki, go right ahead. I am letting you use your best judgement here. I don't expect anymore from you then you are willing to put in. But I am pleased that you are showing interest here. 

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    • well anything to help out a fellow fan whos interested in the series as much as me. :)

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