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Tojuro Rengoku ( (れん) (ごく) (とう) 寿 (じゅ) (ろう) Rengoku Tōjurō?) is the descendant of Senjuro Rengoku. He is a teenage student currently going to the same school as the Kamado and Agatsuma descendants.[1]


Tojuro shares a striking resemblance with his ancestor, Senjuro and his brother Kyojuro. Like them, he also has golden shoulder length hair with red tips, black forked eyebrows and gold eyes with red irises.


Like Kyojuro, Tojuro has an air of great optimism, is extremely positive and often have an enthusiastic smile plastered on his face. He says thanks, even when insulted. He has a very strong heart.[2]

He has a passion for kendō, often forgetting about everything else when he's training and participating in the kendō club at school.[1]


Sumihiko and Tojuro jump the gate.

On his way to school, Tojuro sees his friend Sumihiko Kamado running and catches up to him. Greeting him, Sumihiko remarks that it is unusual for Tojuro to be late. Tojuro explains that he had woken up at 4 in the morning, but had gotten absorbed into his training. He says that he couldn't hear anything until his father whacked him. Suddenly a police car with two police officers, Sanehiro Shinazugawa and the reincarnation of Genya Shinazugawa, in it draws nearer to the boys, asking them to stop. but Tojuro ignores them and continues the conversation, telling Sumihiko that he should join a sports club at school. Sumihiko replies that it'd cut into his sleep, and Tojuro laughs and says that he should at least try something because he'd be awesome at it. Sumihiko says he could never hold a candle to Tojuro in terms of sport.[3]

The two continue to run the rest of the way together, with the police officers continue shouting at the pair to stop. They arrive at their high school where the principal, Murata's descendant, asks for the gate to be closed as soon as he sees Sumihiko and Tojuro arriving. The person at the gate says that there are still three minutes until it should close but the principal insists, saying that Sumihiko was a habitual offender. As the gate begins to shut, Sumihiko says he believes they will make it and Tojuro agrees. Both of them somersault over the gate and land inside the school, making it just on time.[4]


  • Like in his family lineage, Tojuro's entire family name means "purgatory" ( (れん) (ごく) rengoku?). His given name contains the On'yomi reading of the kanji for "peach" ( (とう) ?), "longetivity" (寿 (じゅ) ju?) and "son, male" ( (ろう) ?), a common male suffix.


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