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Tokie (トキエ Tokie?)[1] is a resident of the village the Swamp Demon attacked and his final target.


Tokie is a young girl with fair skin and a small, petite build. She has long straight black hair with thin strands over her forehead and long bangs framing her face.

Tokie, at the night of her kidnapping, wore a lime-green kimono with a blue obi. Over this, she wore a long dark red haori.


Tokie is shown to be a very obedient girl as when she was asked to stay home at night by a family member of hers, she does listen and decides to rest indoors. She is also kind and caring as when she wonders about how the other girls kidnapped by the Swamp Demon and hopes that they are alright.


First Mission Arc

Tokie is first seen leaving her family members to go to sleep, having just been told to stay indoors due to the disappearances that'd been happening during the night. She obeys, and thinks sadly about the girls who had already been kidnapped, hoping that no other girl would be taken as she gets into bed. As she's falling asleep, the Swamp Demon creates a swamp pool under her futon and pulls her under, much to her horror. She's defenceless to escape his grasp despite her struggling, and she's successfully knocked out and dragged into the depths.

She's later saved from the Demon by Tanjiro Kamado and Kazumi, and it can be assumed that she managed to return safely home.

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, she doesn't possess any supernatural powers or abilities.


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