Tongue Demon ( (した) (おに) Shita oni?) was a Demon that lived in the Drum House.


The Tongue Demon took the form of a muscular man with gray skin and very dark blue hair, set noticeably far back on his head to make room for the two small horns that protruded from either side of his forehead. He had two pairs of eyes, one large and cat-like of a green color and the other more squinted and set above the first, their irises red. His most notable features were his extremely long tongue and the navy blue arrows that patterned his nose and forearms, a large blotch of a similar color on each temple.

The Tongue Demon wore nothing above his waist, under which he sported only the bottom half of a patterned knee-length yukata.


The Tongue Demon, as with many others of his kind, was a ruthless being who seemed only to care about eating any and all humans that crossed his path. He appeared to be somewhat unintelligent, as he often talked to himself and repeated words when speaking as well as slithered around on the floor rather than walking.[1]



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