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Tsutako Tomioka ( (とみ) (おか) (つた) () Tomioka Tsutako?) was the older sister of Giyu Tomioka.


Tsutako was a dark-haired young woman with light skin. She wore her hair in a thick braid tied with a light-colored ribbon down her back and a loose fringe over her forehead. Her eyes were a shade of dark blue similar to her younger brother.

She was seen wearing a dark red kimono and hakama tied below her chest.[1]


While little is known about her, she appeared to have been a courageous and loving sister, evidenced by Giyu's guilt and sadness over her sacrifice. She loved her brother dearly enough to save him with her own life, even despite being set to wed the next day.[2]


The day before her scheduled wedding, Tsutako sacrificed her life to protect her younger brother from a Demon. From then on, Giyu expressed intense guilt for his sister's death to the point where he began thinking that dying would be better for him.


Hashira Training Arc

After Giyu tells his story to Tanjiro Kamado, the young Demon Slayer questions him about how Sabito's words were keeping them together. After hearing this, Giyu thinks back to when Sabito slapped and berated him for making a negative statement about his life, something that would be considered an insult to his sister given her sacrifice. Giyu realizes that his companions were still with him and internally apologizes to Sabito and Tsutako for his negative outlook.[3]

Infinity Castle Arc

When Tanjiro is knocked unconscious during his and Giyu's battle against Upper Rank 3 Akaza, Giyu resolves to defend Tanjiro. He thinks about Sabito and Tsutako, telling himself that he will not continue to allow his family and friends to die.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, Tsutako did not possess any additional powers or abilities.


  • Tsutako's given name contains the kanji for "ivy" ( tsuta?) and "child" ( ko?).
  • Tsutako is currently the only named member of Giyu's family to appear in the series.



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