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Muzan originally had ailing health and was predicted to die before he reached the age of 20.[1] However, when he transformed into a Demon, he immediately gained incredible strength as well as an appetite for human flesh. During the the Infinity Castle Arc, his strength gave him the power to fight against five Hashira simultaneously, as well as Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Kanao.[2] Some of Muzan's well known abilities include his utilization to shapeshift into different forms, — such as a child, a woman, a married man — ability to track and locate the whereabouts of his subordinates, and immense speed to name a few.

Muzan's unique body constitution

Muzan's Demon anatomy.

  • Multiple Organs: Muzan has a unique anatomy, even compared to other Demons. Possessing a total of seven hearts and five brains, these extra organs are seemingly responsible for his abnormally powerful constitution. According to Gyomei Himejima, Muzan was also capable of rearranging the positions of his organs, preventing them from remaining in a fixed location.[3][4]
  • Regeneration Speed: Muzan possesses the fastest and most efficient regenerative power seen in the series. He was able to quickly regenerate his body after being caught in the huge explosion prepared by Kagaya Ubuyashiki and manages to circumvent the metal spikes added into the explosion.[5] He has also successfully overcome one of the Demons' prime weaknesses of being decapitated by a Nichirin Blade, as seen when he easily regrew his head after it was completely destroyed by Gyomei's flail.[6] During his battle against the three Hashira Obanai Iguro, Mitsuri Kanroji and Giyu Tomioka, Muzan even manages to immediately reattach his head the very moment their blades cut through his flesh.[7]
  • Body Deconstruction: Muzan has incredible control over his own body flesh, allowing him to deconstruct and reconstruct his body into/from multiple lumps of flesh. He uses this technique to avoid death at the hands of Yoriichi, by deconstructing his body into 1,800 pieces in a bid to escape.[8]
  • Absorption: Muzan has displayed the ability to assimilate and dissolve organic and inorganic objects into his body, while sometimes gaining the characteristics of what he collected. For instance, he utilized his absorption to contain the flesh seed spikes that pierced into his skin, as well as to absorb Tamayo in order to dissolve her drug. Muzan has also mentioned that he planned to ingest Nezuko in order to obtain her immunity to the sun.[9]
Muzan killing Wakuraba

Muzan's female appearance via shapeshifting.

  • Shapeshifting: Muzan can control and transform the appearance of his body in order to disguise his presence. Throughout the series, Muzan has had different physical appearances in order to hide from the Demon Slayer Corps. He first appears in Asakusa, Tokyo as a father on a stroll with his family when he first encounters Tanjiro.[10] Later on in the series, he appears before the Lower Ranks as a women and goes initially goes unrecognized by them.[11] Following the events of the Mugen Train Arc, Akaza reports to Muzan of the events that had transpired. Upon arriving, Muzan has the appearance of a child but still manages to retain his physical strength as seen when he attacks Akaza.[12]PLACE MARKER
  • Combat Form: When fighting, Muzan adopts a monstrous form, featuring sharp-toothed wide mouths. His speed, strength, reflexes, and power are greatly magnified in this form to the point that, despite having lost a great amount of stamina and endurance in fending off Tamayo's human transforming drug, he was still fully capable of easily outmaneuvering several low ranking Demon Slayers and consuming scores of them within minutes of emerging from his cocoon. The sharp toothed jaws/mouths located all over his body in this form not only serve as his main form of offense in battle, but also have the purpose of helping him recover faster since he can use the jaws to tear apart his opponents and eat their flesh, simultaneously killing his opponents and regaining his strength at the same time.[13]
      • Demon Whip - Muzan can stretch his arms and grow several sharp blades in his extended forearms and shape shift his hands into several bladed protrusions, which he could then swing like whips to easily tear his opponents to pieces. The sheer swinging speed of his attacks is extremely fast and the precision of his attacks is also extremely accurate. And, due to the sheer length of his arms, Muzan possesses such a massive attack range that not even three Hashira could get close to him.[14] These whip arms also have sharp-fanged mouths on them, which allows Muzan to inhale a large amount of air with them which he can than use to create an immense suction effect that forcibly attracts his opponents towards him and severely impedes their movements.
      • Spine Whips - Later, upon being further enraged, Muzan displays the new ability to grow-spine like protrusions from his back that extend into bladed, whip-like tentacles. With them, Muzan is able to drastically increase his attack range and number of attacks in tandem with his whip arms, allowing him to easily mow down hordes of Demon Slayers and corner four Hashira.
      • Leg Whips - Muzan later revealed that, due to his ability to freely morph and change his body, he can rapidly grow eight more spinal Whips from his thighs in order to perform incredibly fast sneak attacks. Thanks to his immense skill in shapeshifting, he can rapidly grow the whips and then dispel them faster than the human senses can perceive, as he manages to use them to critically injure four Hashira and Hashira-level Demon Slayers without them sensing or perceiving that Muzan's body had altered and morphed itself.
    • Infant Form: Upon being cornered by the Demon Slayers and pinned by Tanjiro until daybreak, Muzan, in a panic, shape-shifted into a gigantic mass of flesh, resembling that of a gigantic demonic infant, in an attempt to protect his main body from being burned by the sun so quickly. This form was shown to possess immense physical strength, as seen as Muzan was able to easily crawl through and push back an entire car that had been pushed by several of the Kakushi, and later was able to break Gyomei's chain despite him holding Muzan back with his full strength and being supported by several Kakushi.

  • Demon Blood Empowerment: As the first Demon and creator of the Demon race, Muzan's blood possesses powerful transformative qualities and enhancement properties. If his blood is ingested by a normal human, it can either cause their body to immediately transform into a Demon or cause their body to mutate and self destruct. Whereas for Demons, the additional blood can either enhance their regenerative abilities, strength, speed, etc. or cause their body to self-destruct. Later it the series, Muzan manages to weaponize this particular trait of his blood by coating his claws and attacks in his blood, allowing him to secretly and subtly inject an opponent during combat with his attacks.
    • Demon Blood Nullifying: As explained by Tamayo, as the creator and progenitor of the Demon race, Muzan is the only known Demon capable of inflicting life threatening wounds capable of completely destroying the cells of other Demons without the need of Nichirin Blades or sunlight, thereby making him the only Demon capable of completely nullifying a Demon's natural regenerative abilities and kill them.
    • Demon Blood Memory: In his final struggle for survival, Muzan is able to transfer the remainder of his blood along with his memories into a suitable body, turning his new host into a Demon and exerting his influence. He successfully did this with Tanjiro's on the verge of death, restoring his damaged body, and causing him to rampage against his comrades. Furthermore, this technique is compatible with the host's own abilities, making it so Tanjiro can not only use Demon abilities but also his own, as he gains immunity to sunlight and potentially the use of the Sun Breathing. This transfer, however, is not perfect as Tanjiro was reduced to a feral state, only attacking based on Muzan's desire to kill the Demon Slayers. This ability is also known to have been unknowingly used by Muzan whenever he created another demon or shared his blood with them, as seen when the Upper Ranks, Daki and Hantengu were able to catch glimpses of Muzan's memories of Yoriichi Tsugikuni during their battles against Tanjiro Kamado.
  • Cellular Memories: Muzan posses the ability to "see" the memories of those he's absorbed. After feeling strong effects of the drug, he was able to reform Tamayo's cells and asked her for information on what kind of drug she had forced into him. Upon being denied and insulted by Tamayo's surviving consciousness, he forcibly accesses the memories from her cells and "watches" the memories recorded in them. Allowing him to see her memories of developing the drug together with Shinobu Kocho and Yushiro.[15]
  • Telepathic Communication: Muzan has the ability to read the thoughts of Demons that he has shared his blood with when in close physical proximity to them, as seen when he read the minds of all the Lower Ranks as they all gathered before him.[16] Later it was displayed that he could also send telepathic messages and have full conversations with other Demons as well, as seen when he was communicating with Upper Rank 1, Kokushibo, to check how many Hashira he had defeated and to order him to keep the Hashira at bay until he finished recovering from Tamayo's poison. Muzan is also able to see what Demons see, as he could with Nakime. However this ability is limited strictly to what is in their perception, so if a Demon's senses are fooled, Muzan is unable to realize the difference.


  • Extrasensory Perception: Muzan can feel the presences of both humans and Demons, including the latter's blood lust.[17]END OF SKIPPED MATERIAL

  • Curse: Muzan possesses the ability to put a curse onto the Demon he creates by sharing his blood. If any Demon he created even utters or says his name out loud the curse activates and destroys them, regardless of their original intent. This was seen with Susamaru who had accidentally said his name despite having no malice or ill intent towards him and was still destroyed by the curse, implying that the curse is automatic.[18] However the curse can also be intentionally triggered by Muzan. This was seen when he killed Nakime, who was manipulated by Yushiro. Because of this, many Demons serve Muzan out of fear and respect, simply referring to him as "that Man" when necessary to speak of him. However, it has been proven that if Muzan is weakened or someone has sufficient willpower, Demons can break free from the curse which has been seen with Tamayo and Nezuko.
  • Demon Control: Muzan can control Demons to a certain extent, as seen when he was able to take control of Nakime's body in order to try to force an absorption of Yushiro's cells in order to stop his interference when he attempted to usurp control of the Infinity Castle. However, this ability requires extensive concentration as Muzan immediately lost control of her the moment he lost focus due to needing to defend himself while in the middle of battle. Other Demons can also wrestle control back from him. Muzan can also remotely detonate a Demon: by closing his fist, he can crush a Demon's head from a distance.
    • Possession: Later as seen in Tanjiro's consciousness as a demon, Muzan can actually implant a small part of his consciousness into a demon he creates using his blood, provided that he injected them with gigantic amounts of his blood during their creation. As seen where a silver of his mind was still actually present inside Tanjiro's mind despite having already been killed by sunlight, and later attempted to sway,control and possess Tanjiro into "inheriting" his will and stay as a demon. However a clear difference between his power to "control" a demon and to "possess" him is the fact that he could no longer forcibly take control of a demon and force them to do as he wills and instead he must convince them to do his bidding, giving his victims the chance to resist him and escape from his grasp.

Blood Demon Art ( (けっ) () (じゅつ) Kekkijutsu?):

  • Black Blood: Brambles (黒血 (こっけつ) () (きょく) Kokketsu: Kikyoku?): Muzan uses his own flesh and blood to create several spiked-barbed wires to entangle his target.[19]
  • Shockwave: Later, upon being forced into a corner by Tanjiro and Obanai and weakened by Tamayo's drug, Muzan showcased another unique ability of his combat form, in which he morphed his torso and upper body into a gigantic beastly mouth. From this, he released a strong shockwave scream, capable of severely internally injuring anyone caught up in its range. When Tanjiro and Obanai were caught in its blast, even Kiriya and his sisters, who were connected to them through the crows in the area, received a brunt of the attack. This technique is capable of causing heaving convulsing, paralysis and respiratory impairment. It is mostly used as a defensive technique, however, meant to keep aggressors away. This technique requires a charge time before use, and thus cannot be used consecutively, although it is largely hinted that Tamayo's drugs further imperil his ability to use this attack. Its impact can be mitigated through the use of a Nichirin Blade as self-stabbing can dispel some of its effects.

  • Sunlight: Muzan is noted to be immune to being killed via decapitation, as seen when Gyomei destroyed his head and he still managed to regrow it. Thus the only other known way that he can be destroyed is by sunlight. This is further given credence by his attempts to locate and devour Nezuko in order to gain her immunity to sunlight.
  • Crimson Red Nichirin Blade: Demon Slayers who have awakened the Demon Slayer Mark may unlock the power to change the color of their Nichirin blade into a shining crimson red. This especially applies to Demon Slayers who use the Sun Breathing or the Hinokami Kagura. A hit from a Crimson Red Nichirin Blades can hamper demonic regeneration and even incinerate their cells, disabling or maybe even killing Demons with high regenerative abilities. Muzan is no exception to the fact, as seen in his battle against Yoriichi Tsugikuni.
  • Complex Poisons/Drugs: Muzan has also shown a weakness to infliction by incredibly complex poisons or drugs that are foreign to him. As seen during Tamayo's attempt to humanize him via drugs, he has to take time and concentrate hard to analyze a drug's composition by transforming into a cocoon of flesh to analyze and immunize himself to the drugs or poison. Later, upon his learning of the aging stage of Tamayo's drug, Muzan realizes that his body is also expending the majority of his strength as it fends off the extreme aging effect of the drug, leaving him little power to use in combat against the Hashira.


Sakonji's face has never been revealed since he is always seen wearing a red tengu mask that covers his face. He appears to be an elderly individual as noted by the countless number of students he's trained as well as his silver-colored hair. In his youth his hair was black and he fashioned it into a topknot.

He is always seen wearing a cloud patterned wikipedia:jinbei kimono with navy colored pants which are fastened at his shins by white wikipedia:kyahan guards. He also wears traditional black wikipedia:tabi socks, and sandals similar to Tanjiro, except his sandals have blue straps. On the occasions when Sakonji travels, he wears a white cloth that covers his head and wraps around his neck.


Upon meeting the Kamado siblings, he is cold and strict when speaking with them, specifically Tanjiro as seen when he slapped him after witnessing his indecisiveness to kill the Temple Demon. he actually has an extremely compassionate personality. Though he pushes his students hard, he also cares for them deeply, viewing them as family, and is one of the few Demon Slayer Corps characters to entrust that Nezuko would never eat a human. Similarly, he wholly trusts that Tanjiro will find a way to restore her humanity.



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