While trying to just google images about demon slaying in general it is as they said in school- you have to thief knight to redeem yourself as you grow stronger. Which I have, and only if you make yourself a demon slayer (which usually the argument went without training it'd be saying it beneath your own prince) So I must get the key to this wiki and those 173 wikis: because I said I'd quit wikis at Knight Squad wiki after all the 173 I've acclimated.

I'm also becoming a swordmaster as an avenger of the Malayan Pit Viper.

So, with the power invested with me thanks to dragonology, skateboarding, ranging, thievery, street fighting, swordsmanship and being a guardian to my parents to prove my noble birth I vow to vanquish, slay, kill, eradicate, decimate, even inflame all demons to death. For GOD! By my choosing of Hissy as my Beanie Baby! With speed of my gambit, and strength of my viper!

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