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Human and Demon (人間と鬼 Ningen to Oni?) is the tenth volume of Kimetsu no Yaiba.



Despite some comic misunderstandings that almost blew their cover, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu have smoked out Daki, a demon that has been devouring the residents of an entertainment district for years. The Hashira Tengen Uzui and his ninja companions engage Daki, but if they cannot handle her, what chance do Tanjiro and his friends have of taking on one of Kibutsuji's Upper-Rank demons by themselves?[7]

Author's Comment

I'm Gotouge. Here's volume 10. Thank you very much to everyone who cheers for me and helps out. I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart for the many letters and presents. You should absolutely be proud to say, 'I'm the one who helped this artist rise up!' It might be fun to snort triumphantly and thrust out your chest too. For the readers, I will continue to raise my combat abilities to attack and defend at will, and work hard!

Koyoharu Gotōge, Volume 10

Extra Pages

Image Context

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  • Kasugai Crows - Tanjiro's crow (right) is concerned over the fact that the Hashira have not yet arrived. Zenitsu's sparrow is concerned because it thinks Zenitsu is missing, and Inosuke's crow (left) is remaining by Inosuke's side
  • Hanako - A simple sketch of Tanjiro and Nezuko's younger sister, Hanako.
  • Takeo - A simple sketch of Tanjiro and Nezuko's younger brother, Takeo.
  • Zenitsu and Inosuke - Inosuke is seen angrily leading the way while Zenitsu is sleep running. By this point, his sparrow has found him and is riding on his back.
  • Zentisu and Inosuke: 2 - The two boys have arrived to the main fight, but can't find the timing to jump into the battle.
  • Tanjiro - Sketches from WSJ issues.
  • Christmas outfit - WSJ 2018 Issue 2/3
  • Regular sketch - WSJ 2017 Issue 36/37
  • Animal crossover - WSJ 2018 Issue 4/5

Taisho Secrets

  1. Senjuro can be seen laughing because of the funny stories Tanjiro sends in his letters. He personally loves to hear of the interactions involving Zenitsu and Inosuke and finds them amusing.
  2. Tengen's crow is just as flamboyant as Tengen and is considered very fashionable among the Kasugai crows.

Comic Strip

  • Serialized in Kid's Jump (2017) - The three boys want to sing a song for children's day, and Tanjiro asks Inosuke to sing a song he knows. Inosuke ends up singing a song meant for a different festival and is barrated by Zenitsu for his horrible tone. Tanjiro tries to guide Inosuke by singing the correct song, but ends up being just as tone-deaf as Inosuke, leaving Zenitsu horrified.