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Flapping Butterfly Wings ( (ちょう) () ばたき Chō no Habataki?) is the nineteenth volume of Kimetsu no Yaiba.


161. Flapping Butterfly Wings (蝶の羽ばたき Chō no Habataki?)
162. Trio of Victory (三人の白星 San'nin no Shiroboshi?)
163. Overflowing Heart (心あふれる Kokoro Afureru?)
164. Just Overdid It A Little (ちょっと力み過ぎただけ Chotto Rikimi Sugita dake?)
165. Stunned and Trembling (愕然と戦慄く Gakuzen to Wananaku?)
166. True Feelings (本心 Honshin?)
167. A Request (願い Negai?)
168. Never Disappear (百世不磨 Hyakusei Fuma?)
169. Rumbling (地鳴る Jinaru?)


In Taisho-era Japan, kindhearted Tanjiro Kamado makes a living selling charcoal. But his peaceful life is shattered when a demon slaughters his entire family. His little sister Nezuko is the only survivor, but she has been transformed into a demon herself! Tanjiro sets out on a dangerous journey to find a way to return his sister to normal and destroy the demon who ruined his life.

The Demon Slayers fight hard to get their blades closes to Muzan's neck! To avenge her family, Kanao must continue to battle Doma head-on, while Iguro and Kanroji find themselves slashing through the shifting rooms of Infinity Castle. Elsewhere, Tokito, Sanemi and Genya come face-to-face with a villain who recognizes Tokito, but Tokito doesn't know him. Who is this powerful adversary?

Author's Comment

Hi! I'm Gotouge. Volume 19 is out. Thank you very much to everyone who supports the series. I sincerely appreciate the warm words, letters and gifts I've been receiving. On another note, I've been watching a lot of dog and cat videos. They comfort me. I ate a piece of jerky the other day that turned out to be for dogs! I was shocked. Anyway, I will continue to be diligent so you call can continue to enjoy the series!

Koyoharu Gotoge, Volume 19

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