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It Was You ( (まえ) Omaega?) is the second volume of Kimetsu no Yaiba.



During final selection for the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro faces a disfigured demon and uses the techniques taught by his master, Urokodaki! As Tanjiro begins to walk the path of the Demon Slayer, his search for the demon who murdered his family leads him to investigate the disappearances of young girls in a nearby town.[6]

Author's Comment

Volume 2 is out! Thank you! I'm troubling a lot of people, but I'll keep doing my best. On the way to the convenience store in my neighborhood, I came across vomit on the ground three times, but I'll keep doing my best.

Koyoharu Gotōge, Volume 2

Extra Pages

Image Context

Taisho Secrets

  1. The author reveals that the girl that was kidnapped from the Swamp Demon, is named Tokie. She has had three suitors ask for her hand in marriage. They also reveal that Tokie is an excellent cook.
  2. The author reveals that Toyo, the vendor at the udon stand, can also make soba. They also say that it's apparently very tasty and that they want to eat some as well.
    (Speech Bubble: "I won't teach anyone how to make the soup." -Toyo)
  3. The author reveals that when someone directly asks Yushiro if he likes Tamayo, he turns beet red and goes silent.

Kimetsu Academy Tales

  1. Tanjiro, a boy who continues to break school rules; Nezuko, a girl with French bread in her mouth.

Words of Gratitude

The author says that they are causing trouble for and getting help from a lot of people. They take time to thank everyone in the editorial department, their editor and assistants and everyone that reads and cheers for Demon Slayer. They say that they've failed so many times that a day doesn't go by where they don't worry about whether it's okay for them to draw manga, though they plan to give it their all.

Yushiro: Sensei... my heart aches

Tamayo: Oh my how tough for you.