Robust Blade (強靱な刃 Kyōjin'na yaiba?) is the fourth volume of Kimetsu no Yaiba.



After a fierce battle with a demon inside a maddening house of ever-changing rooms, Tanjiro has a chance to find out about the fighter in the boar-head mask. Who is this passionate swordsman and what does he want? Later, a new mission has Tanjiro and his compatriots heading for Mt. Natagumo and a confrontation with a mysterious and horrifying threat…[1]

Extra Pages


Taisho Whispers & Rumours

  • Taisho Whispers & Rumours 1: "We are tired", "Have a good rest. Take care of yourself"

Kimetsu Academy Tales

  • Inosuke is a boy who was raised by wild boars. He is a topic on TV and places. Currently, he is living with his foster parent. He only brings bento to school. He still doesn't wear any shoes. He has half-sleeves all year around.
  • Hisa-san. Her special dish is tempura. Inosuke's foster parent. When things turn bad, she pretends to have bad ears.
  • Weird person who appears frequently in the Kimetsu village. He targets 16 years old girls through pinpointing. Because is often witnessed frequently and the incidents occur at the same time, he has become an urban legend. Tanjiro has deducted that he is not a triplet. He is pursuing this case.


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  1. Kimetsu no Yaiba Volume 4: ViZ Release, Back Cover.

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