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The Demon Slayer Corps Gathers (鬼殺隊柱合裁判 Kisaitaichū gō saiban?) is the sixth volume of Kimetsu no Yaiba.



The members of the Demon Slayer Corps are sworn to destroy demons wherever they find them—but the condition of Tanjiro's sister, Nezuko, is a problem. What will the Hashira—the leaders of the Demon Slayer Corps—do about Tanjiro protecting his own demonic sister? Meanwhile, Kibutsuji assembles his own minions and intensifies his search for Tanjiro...[6]

Author's Comment

I did it! I'm Gotouge. I get to bring out volume 6, and thanks to everyone's support I get to work enthusiastically on manga again today. Thank you for the letters of support, snacks, Valentine's Day chocolate, drinks and clay Tanjiro. With support from everyone, an author can lean into their work, be a fighter and work hard. Sorry for taking so long to say thank you. [crying]

Koyoharu Gotōge, Volume 6

Extra Pages

Image Context


  • Kanao and Nezuko - Kanao questioning if Nezuko was going into the box, and if that was what she liked.
  • Sakonji - Image of Sakonji wearing his cloud patterned ornament.
  • Tanjiro, Sumi, Kiyo and Naho - The girls are offering Tanjiro different types of treats
  • Inosuke and Zenitsu - Inosuke is playing around in the forest riding a deer, while Zenitsu is hiding in the forest after stealing buns.
  • Nezuko and Zenitsu - Zenitsu brings Shinobu's fish bowl to show to Nezuko without asking, and is later beaten when he's discovered by Aoi.

Taisho Secrets

  1. The author reveals that Mitsuri's hair allegedly changed color because she ate too much sakura mochi (cherry blossom cakes).
  2. The author reveals that the black haired Ubuyashiki child is a boy and the heir, and because he was cowardly he was raised as a girl until he was 13.
  3. The author reveals that Aoi was the one who skillfully repaired Nezuko's box

Comic Strips

The Most Well-mannered Boy at Kimetsu Academy

  • Zenitsu is conducting a uniform check and tells Tanjiro he can't wear earrings. In response, Tanjiro politely admits he is intentionally violating the rules to keep the memento from his father. Shocked by his manners, Zenitsu informs him he will overlook his violation and pleads with Tanjiro to just leave.

Pretty Shojo Protagonist

  • Zenitsu is once again conducting a uniform check and remarks how cute nezuko looks with bread in her mouth. Makomo approaches her to chat and say good morning, and her reaction makes zenitsu think that she was sjust like a shojo protagonist

Poor Zenitsu

  • he is later on harassed by Inosuke and Susumaru to the point of wanting to quit. Beaten and bruised, he approaches the head teacher - Giyu - and tries to quit but is slapped for having "dyed" hair. to which he responds that this is his natural colour.